How to Calm a Crying Baby

Babies cry for many reasons and getting a baby to calm down can be quite difficult. There are many techniques involved in calming a crying baby. We will talk about a few of these techniques in a moment but first it is important to understand that babies can sense your tension. If you are tired, angry, frustrated or mad you are never going to be able to calm the crying child. If you need to take a break before attempting to calm your child you may. Place your baby in a safe place in their crib or a playpen and take five minutes to collect yourself and calm yourself down.


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When Do Babies Recognize Their Parents

When Do Babies Recognize Their ParentsOver the past week Arya reacted differently to strangers than to her parents.

From the time she was born our daughter loved to be carried by everyone. She didn’t care who was carrying her as long as they were holding her securely. That changed last week.

On two occasions during the week Arya became grumpy when another person carried her and only settled down after Mommy or Daddy took her back. That lead me to question: when do babies recognize their parents?

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Uncomfortable Baby Clothes

Uncomfortable Baby Clothes - Crying BabyI had a frustrating afternoon yesterday with Arya.

Baby wouldn’t stop crying for over an hour. I ran through the list of usual reasons including: food, diaper, hot, cold, tired, bored, carry, talk, music, quiet, toy, dark, and burp.

Arya still wouldn’t stop crying. I finally discovered the reason by accident.

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Do Babies Hate Perfume?

Do Babies Hate Perfume - CryingOne of our friends got to hold an awake Arya for the first time this afternoon. While our friend had the chance to see our baby before today, our daughter had always been sleeping on previous occasions.

As soon as she held Arya, our nine-week old baby started crying. Since Arya likes when people carry her and particularly likes women carrying her, I was surprised to see her uncomfortable. After some experimentation, I finally came up with a hypothesis.

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Bathing a Newborn

Bathing a NewbornToday we gave our six-day old baby a bath. Bathing a newborn was the most stressful experience I have had since my daughter was born.

We were paranoid about our newborn drowning in water. We were terrified that water would get into her cord stump. We were scared that the water would be too hot or too cold.

My wife and I both wanted to use a small washcloth for use in bathing our newborn rather than dipping her in water.

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