When Do Babies Cruise?

When Do Babies CruiseIt has been less than a month since I was wondering when my baby would stand unassisted and only a few weeks since Mommy and I saw baby standing by herself for the first time.

Arya’s new favorite activity is to walk around the entire house using furniture to support herself. This type of supported walking, called cruising, is a normal part of baby development.

Her developmental timeline lead me to wonder: when do babies cruise?

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Baby Taking Off Her Sock

Baby Taking Off Her SockDuring my time with baby at Pilgrim Memorial State Park, Arya found a new way to entertain herself while riding in the stroller.

She discovered how to take off her sock while buckled into the stroller.

Watching baby taking off her sock was initially amusing, but became irritating after she proceeded to remove her sock three more times before I gave up trying to put her sock back on.

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When Will My Baby Stand Unassisted

When Will My Baby Stand UnassistedArya has been standing against objects for nearly a month and cruising for several weeks.

In recent days she has gotten so good at balancing that I have been wondering: when will my baby stand unassisted?

She barely uses support and seems to rely on objects as an unnecessary crutch.

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When Do Babies Clap

When Do Babies ClapAfter watching baby clapping while kneeling earlier this week, I realized that Arya had been clapping for a while without mommy or me realizing her new development.

So I decided to understand the answer to: when do babies clap?

Clapping requires coordination and gross motor skills that time to develop in young babies.

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Definition of Cruising For Babies

Definition of Baby CruisingThe term “cruise” or “cruising” has a specific meaning to parents of young babies.

The normal definition involves sailing as a leisure activity or taking a ship on a predetermined course as part of a vacation.

For babies, cruising means something else entirely.

When applied to little children, cruising means to walk while holding onto objects for support.

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Baby Clapping While Kneeling

Baby Clapping While KneelingArya learned a new trick this week.

When she gets excited, mommy and I get to watch baby clapping while kneeling.

Although she can’t quite stand up on her own, Arya can balance on her knees without using her hands. Since baby likes to clap when she is happy, she now combines kneeling with clapping.

Her balance is very good when she is paying attention. But sometimes when she claps while kneeling she gets so excited that she gets off balance and tips over.

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Drooling Baby

Drooling BabyArya is a drooling baby.

She started drooling around two-months old as part of her normal development.

When she was younger Arya would drool constantly throughout the day. Now our drooling baby only drools when she is happy or excited.

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How to Teach Baby to Hold a Bottle

How to Teach Baby to Hold a BottleIt wasn’t difficult for us to learn how to teach baby to hold a bottle.

Teaching baby to hold a bottle on her own required a little patience on our part, but lots of interest and determination from our daughter.

But after our experience with teaching baby to hold a bottle I am confident we will be able to teach any of our future babies to hold their own bottles as well.

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Teaching Baby to Hold Bottle On Her Own

Teaching Baby to Hold Bottle on Her OwnRecently we’ve been teaching baby to hold a bottle on her own.

Baby was able to grasp toys from 10-weeks so we know that she is at least physically able to hold her bottle.

The hard part is getting her to hold the bottle securely and at an appropriate angle that allows her to drink.

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