Holiday Decorations at Boston Common

Holiday Decorations at Boston CommonAfter walking around a shopping mall to find a location for a family Christmas photo, we eventually found our way near Boston Common still looking for the ideal spot.

Both the Common and the Boston Public Garden are filled with holiday decorations throughout the month of December.

The main entrance gate on the west side of the Public Garden is topped with a festive holiday wreath.

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Location For Family Christmas Photo – Shopping Mall

Location For Family Christmas PhotoWe spent an entire weekend day looking for a good location for a family Christmas photo.

Since this will be Arya’s first Christmas, we wanted to take a cute picture for use in a family Christmas card.

With the temperature in the high 20s we tried to find a good location that was both close to home and indoors.

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Taking Baby to Dim Sum

Taking Baby to Dim Sum - Happy BabyArya tagged along as the family went to dim sum this afternoon.

Taking baby to dim sum was a lot more fun than I expected. While Arya is usually good even when we need to feed baby in a restaurant, she normally just sleeps throughout our meal.

During dim sum my baby had a great time smiling and looking at everything in the room.

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Taking Baby to Fort Independence

Taking Baby to Fort IndependenceWe took Arya to Fort Independence for the Fourth of July. The Fort hosted a special event as part of the celebrations around Boston for Independence Day.

Taking baby to Fort Independence was a fun way to spend the afternoon. Since the Fort offers limited access to visitors during the rest of the year, July 4th is a great time to visit.

This year’s festivities were held as part of Operation Sail, Inc. which brought dozens of tall ships into Boston for OpSail 2012.

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Baby’s First Car Ride

Baby's First Car RideAfter we finally finishing packing for baby’s first road trip, we got to experience baby’s first car ride.

Since we don’t own a car, this weekend’s trip was Arya’s first time riding in an automobile. After some difficulty loading the van and installing the car seat, we were able to leave only one hour behind our original schedule.

Arya was lucky to have lots of room in the van for her books and toys. Thanks to Grandpa driving, she also got both Mommy and Daddy to play with her during the trip.

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Arya’s First Mother’s Day

Arya's First Mother's DayToday was Arya’s first mothers day. Our whole family went to Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden to take Mother’s Day pictures.

Arya slept throughout most of the afternoon because of the perfect weather. Low 70s, light breeze, and filtered sun makes for a happy baby. We were still able to get some good shots even though Arya had her eyes closed most of the day.

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