Four Month Check-up at Pediatrician

Four Month Check-up at PediatricianArya had her four month check-up at the pediatrician’s office today.

The four month doctor’s visit is part of the standard well baby check-up schedule.

We actually showed up at the pediatrician’s office yesterday in a scheduling mix-up, so Arya got attention from all the nurses and staff two days in a row.

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My Baby Has a Crooked Head

My Baby Has a Crooked Head - ForeheadMy baby has a crooked head.

Arya had a special consult with a neurosurgeon this week to look at her head. Although her head circumference has improved, we were still worried about her head being a little crooked.

The back of her head is a little flatter than normal while the back-half of the top of her head is taller than normal.

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New Baby Formula at Three Months

New Baby Formula at Three Months - TubsArya turned three months earlier this week and we just switched to a new baby formula.

She was drinking Enfamil Newborn with a blue cover. Since she just finished that can we bought Enfamil Infant with a yellow cover as a replacement.

I thought the different baby formulas were just marketing by the companies. If parents throw away unused newborn formula as soon as their baby hits three months then the company sells more formula overall. But after reading the ingredient labels more closely I think there might actually be a difference in baby formula composition.

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When is it Too Hot For My Baby Outside?

When Is It Too Hot For My Baby OutsideTemperatures climbed to 96 degrees today leading me to wonder: when is it too hot for my baby outside?

The heat wasn’t the only problem. Humidity was above 55 percent for most of the day. The combination of high heat and high humidity become increasingly dangerous for children and especially for young babies like my daughter.

Given my previous research [see Is It Too Hot For My Baby To Go Outdoors?] on the topic of babies and outdoor temperature I was especially concerned starting from 11am this morning when the thermostat climbed above 90 degrees.

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Baby Dry Scalp

Baby Dry ScalpMy daughter has a dry scalp. Pieces of skin flake off of her head like enormous flecks of dandruff.

Arya has had baby dry scalp off and on since she was born. Now the individual pieces are the size of her fingernails and fall off in small groups.

I asked our doctor about baby’s dry scalp at our last visit to the pediatrician. She said not to worry as dry scalp is a common, harmless issue with babies.

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