Bathing Baby in the Sink

Bathing Baby in the SinkI have started bathing baby in the sink.

Arya has a cute whale tub and a basic blue baby bath tub.

But since most of the baths I give her are as a result of my baby’s overflowing poop, I need the fastest, easiest way to get her clean. Setting up the whale tub for a bath takes too long since I use it to relax her while I’m in the kitchen and her blue tub requires me to get in the bath with her.

Bathing baby in the sink requires no special preparation or equipment.

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Diaper Overflowing With Poop

Diaper Overflowing With PoopArya had a huge surprise for us after early morning book time.

Within twenty minutes of Mommy reading her a book, our baby made the largest and most disgusting poop I have ever seen.

The diaper was overflowing with poop. Poop spilled out the front of the diaper onto her tummy. Poop came out the back of her diaper onto her onesie.

I’m still shocked that something so cute could produce something so gross.

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Baby Dry Scalp

Baby Dry ScalpMy daughter has a dry scalp. Pieces of skin flake off of her head like enormous flecks of dandruff.

Arya has had baby dry scalp off and on since she was born. Now the individual pieces are the size of her fingernails and fall off in small groups.

I asked our doctor about baby’s dry scalp at our last visit to the pediatrician. She said not to worry as dry scalp is a common, harmless issue with babies.

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Do Babies Hate Perfume?

Do Babies Hate Perfume - CryingOne of our friends got to hold an awake Arya for the first time this afternoon. While our friend had the chance to see our baby before today, our daughter had always been sleeping on previous occasions.

As soon as she held Arya, our nine-week old baby started crying. Since Arya likes when people carry her and particularly likes women carrying her, I was surprised to see her uncomfortable. After some experimentation, I finally came up with a hypothesis.

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Giving Baby a Bath

Giving Baby a BathMommy gave Arya a bath this weekend. Baby has a dry forehead and we have tried to limit her number of baths as we suspect bathing is contributing to our baby’s skin conditions.

Giving baby a bath can either be very stressful or quite relaxing depending on Arya’s temperament. Thankfully she enjoyed bath time on this occasion and was relaxed and playful in her baby bath tub.

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Bathing a Newborn

Bathing a NewbornToday we gave our six-day old baby a bath. Bathing a newborn was the most stressful experience I have had since my daughter was born.

We were paranoid about our newborn drowning in water. We were terrified that water would get into her cord stump. We were scared that the water would be too hot or too cold.

My wife and I both wanted to use a small washcloth for use in bathing our newborn rather than dipping her in water.

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