Baby Play Area at the Shopping Mall

Baby Play Area at the Shopping MallWith Mommy at an off-site clinic this week, Arya and I spent daytime away from home.

Since she likes exercising by cruising around the house in the morning, we went off in search of an area near the clinic with enough space for Arya to walk and crawl.

Cold temperatures meant we ended up in a baby play area at the shopping mall.

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Baby Playing With the Dishwasher

Baby Playing With the DishwasherNow that Arya is mobile she has started to follow me around the house throughout the day.

She gets particularly interested when she sees me repeat an action over multiple days. Since I unload the dishwasher everyday, she decided she wanted to “help” with the dishes as well.

As a result, I got to see baby playing with the dishwasher this week.

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Baby is the Center of Attention

Baby is the Center of AttentionAs usual, Arya got plenty of attention this past weekend during our outdoor bbq turned indoor picnic.

Baby is the center of attention no matter where she goes, but she was quite literally surrounded by cooing women for the entire afternoon.

My daughter loves being the center of attention and she stayed up for more than eight hours delighting in all the love from friendly faces.

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Baby Stepping Reflex

Baby Stepping ReflexArya showed off her baby stepping reflex this weekend.

The stepping reflex is one of the primitive reflexes displayed by newborn babies.

In the case of our daughter, she likes to step off of adult thighs when being carried from her upper body. While she has shown the stepping reflex before, Arya never stepped as hard as she did yesterday afternoon.

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