How to Make Your Own Baby Food

Maybe the question to ask here first is not how to make your own baby food, but why would you want to? The best course of action to ensure proper nutrition for your baby is to rely on nature and breastfeed. The old saying “breast is best” is the simplest, guaranteed way to assure you and your baby that your child is getting the most well balanced, optimally nutritious meal designed specifically for new human development and growth you could give them for maximum health and wellness. But what if mom is not physically able to accommodate her child with breast feeding because of her own health issues?


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What Foods Can Babies Eat at 9 Months

What Foods Can Babies Eat at 9 MonthsIn the past month Arya has become more interested in eating the same food as her parents.

She used to be content with eating her own baby food or formula while we ate our meal. Now she wants to eat whatever we are eating.

That leaves me concerned about the answer to: what foods can babies eat at 9 months?

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Baby is a Messy Eater

Baby is a Messy EaterMy baby is a messy eater.

Ever since she started on solids Arya has liked to touch her food. She enjoys feeling the different textures and learning how to move different types of food into her mouth.

Unfortunately this means she makes a huge mess with lots of the food she eats.

We have baby eat in a bath tub to contain her food mess, but Arya still manages to get food everywhere.

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Baby Likes Eating Crackers

Baby Likes Eating CrackersBaby likes eating crackers.

Arya has wanted to feed herself ever since she became interested in eating solid food.

Most baby food is too messy to let her try to feed herself. We do let her eat fruits out of her Munchkin fresh food feeder and she manages to put cheerios in her mouth when she concentrates.

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