Wind Chill Chart

Windchill ChartWith the weather dropping to single digits this week I was worried about whether it would be safe to take Arya outdoors.

Even with her bundled up in multiple layers the temperature was cold enough to make me worry.

After looking up the official National Weather Service Wind Chill Chart I was relieved at how cold it would have to get before going outside with baby would be dangerous.

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Fogged Camera Lens From Temperature Change

Fogged Camera Lens From Temperature ChangeWe experienced another unexpected downsides of living in a cold weather climate after our taking our first family Christmas pictures yesterday.

Shortly after returning home we discovered a severely fogged camera lens from the temperature change between 20 degrees outdoors and 70 degrees inside our apartment.

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Comfortable Baby Gown

Comfortable Baby Gown - DancingNow that Arya is getting bigger we’ve had to pack away her small newborn clothes and start using bigger size baby clothes.

One of her new outfits is a cute one-piece that looks like a bag.

I’ve learned that these baby bags have a better name; they are called baby gowns. While I hate the poorly designed baby gowns that make my daughter cry, I would highly recommend comfortable baby gowns to any parent.

The trick is to find a baby gown with one of two features.

The more common feature is for the gown to be loosely-fitted on the bottom with no heavy fabric to prevent the baby clothing from riding up and rubbing against baby’s sensitive tummy.

The better feature is for the gown to have front buttons on the bottom to hold it securely in place on top of baby’s diaper.

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When is it Too Hot For My Baby Outside?

When Is It Too Hot For My Baby OutsideTemperatures climbed to 96 degrees today leading me to wonder: when is it too hot for my baby outside?

The heat wasn’t the only problem. Humidity was above 55 percent for most of the day. The combination of high heat and high humidity become increasingly dangerous for children and especially for young babies like my daughter.

Given my previous research [see Is It Too Hot For My Baby To Go Outdoors?] on the topic of babies and outdoor temperature I was especially concerned starting from 11am this morning when the thermostat climbed above 90 degrees.

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