Taking Baby to Dim Sum

Taking Baby to Dim Sum - Happy BabyArya tagged along as the family went to dim sum this afternoon.

Taking baby to dim sum was a lot more fun than I expected. While Arya is usually good even when we need to feed baby in a restaurant, she normally just sleeps throughout our meal.

During dim sum my baby had a great time smiling and looking at everything in the room.

Dim sum is a good choice when taking baby to a restaurant. Arya was constantly entertained by the moving carts, dozens of staff trying to sell their particular dishes, and the variety of food we were eating.

Taking Baby to Dim Sum - Looking at FoodMy daughter spent a long time staring at each new item as it was placed on our table.

She also stared directly at Mommy and Daddy as we ate. Baby likes looking at us when we eat, but she normally gets bored after a minute. With a new food item on every plate, Arya was entertained for the entire meal.

The dim sum place serves authentic Cantonese cuisine and all of the wait-staff speak in Cantonese as they try to sell the dishes on their carts. Baby liked the noise, unique voices, and constant rotation of different carts.

My daughter hasn’t been to as many restaurants as some young babies, but so far she has liked going outside the house as long as she gets to spend time with her family.

Arya was a little grumpy at the beginning of our meal when she was still in her stroller. Once we carried her and let her look around the room she was happy the rest of the day.

Mommy and I aren’t huge fans of dim sum (it’s a little oily for us to eat too often) but since we had a good time taking baby to dim sum this time we’re very likely to take baby to dim sum again in the future.

Taking Baby to Dim Sum - Baby and Mommy