Taking Baby to Fort Independence

Taking Baby to Fort IndependenceWe took Arya to Fort Independence for the Fourth of July. The Fort hosted a special event as part of the celebrations around Boston for Independence Day.

Taking baby to Fort Independence was a fun way to spend the afternoon. Since the Fort offers limited access to visitors during the rest of the year, July 4th is a great time to visit.

This year’s festivities were held as part of Operation Sail, Inc. which brought dozens of tall ships into Boston for OpSail 2012.

Fort Independence is the eighth fort build on Castle Island in South Boston overlooking Boston Harbor. The unofficial Fort Independence website maintained by community volunteers lists the construction date between 1834 and 1851.

Taking Baby to Fort Independence - With GrandpaThe Fort itself is a stone pentagon with a completely vacant interior. The center of the Fort is now a grassy field while the second level of the Fort is partially overgrown with unkempt grass.

The Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund that sponsors the American flags in Boston Common during Memorial Day held a July 4th BBQ in the center of the Fort. Other visitors were only able to follow a guided path on ground level and around portions of the second level. The Fort was crowded enough that the volunteers staffing the event had to create a special stroller parking area on the ground level for the dozens of baby strollers brought into the Fort.

Baby didn’t like the heat and humidity during the hottest part of the afternoon. The smoke from the BBQ make her particularly fussy when we first arrived at the Fort. After getting to the second level she enjoyed it much better. The cool breeze from the bay and the colorful flags flapping in the wind were enough to hold my daughter’s attention for an entire hour.

Today was Grandpa’s last day visiting us so he was especially happy to spend the entire afternoon with Arya. Fortunately for her (and Daddy) that meant that Grandpa carried her the entire time throughout the Fort and the walk in both directions.

Unfortunately since Arya was fussy in the morning we didn’t get to leave early enough to catch the tall ships in the harbor from the clear vantage point on the beaches of Castle Island. We did arrive early enough to see thousands of other visitors enjoying a relaxing summer day. If we take baby to Fort Independence next year we’ll try to get there early enough to spend the morning on the beaches overlooking Pleasure Bay.

Taking Baby to Fort Independence - Sleeping

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