Taking Baby to Granary Tavern

Taking Baby to Granary TavernOver the weekend we combined our normal family brunch with spending time with some friends.

The five of us decided to go to Granary Tavern, a casual sit-down restaurant on the north side of Boston’s Financial District.

Taking baby to Granary Tavern was a great idea and especially fun for Arya.

We had gone to Granary Tavern on mini-play dates before so we knew that it would be a good choice for a lunch out with baby. Although it has a bar and flat screen TVs tuned to sports channels, Granary Tavern does a surprisingly good job of making parents with young children feel welcomed. The restaurant packs tables together, but leaves aisles wide enough to accommodate large strollers and has enough extra space at many tables to fit two high chairs.

Granary Tavern has a kids menu that is glued to the back of a classic Etch-a-Sketch. The Etch-a-Sketch provides a great way to occupy the attention of toddlers while also doubling as a safe way for babies to play with the children’s menu.

The kids menu offers a single combination meal. Each combo kids meal comes with one of a half-dozen entrees, a choice of a side dish, a beverage, and a single-serve Hoodsie ice cream cup.

As with most casual dining restaurants, the children’s menu at Granary Tavern is the best deal of any item on the menu. For Arya we ordered a combo meal of chicken nuggets, fresh fruit platter, chocolate milk, and a chocolate-vanilla swirl Hoodsie. While Arya did eat all of her own fresh fruit platter, Mommy drank the chocolate milk, Daddy ate the Hoodsie ice cream, and the four adults ate all but two of the chicken nuggets.

I was amused that Arya’s chicken nuggets were actually better than the (relatively good) chicken from the adult-menu chicken and waffles. The fresh fruit platter came with blueberries, strawberries, and pears and Arya was able to eat the entire thing after having the fruit cut into small pieces.

Arya left an enormous mess on the ground and on her high chair when she was finally done eating. Either because of good training or because they are nice people, the staff didn’t seem upset at needing to clean up after our messy baby. We even forgot baby’s diaper bag at the restaurant and were able to retrieve it later with no problems.

The prices for the adult brunch menu at Granary Tavern are comparable to other non-chain casual restaurants in the city. But when combined with the children’s menu and ease of maneuvering the stroller and baby through the restaurant, Granary Tavern is one of our favorite places to eat brunch with baby in Boston.

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