Taking Baby to Wagamama

Taking Baby to WagamamaDuring the week we decided to take Arya on a walk to Prudential Center.

Since it was cold outside we wanted to stop for lunch somewhere in the climate-controlled mall. We ended up at Wagamama, a chain restaurant serving Japanese food.

Taking baby to Wagamama meant we all got to enjoy warm noodles are a cold day.

Wagamama is a London-based restaurant chain focused on noodles and Japanese cuisine. The Prudential Center location is one of three locations in the Boston area. Surprisingly, the three Massachusetts locations are the only three Wagamama restaurants in the United States.

The Prudential Center Wagamama is in the center of mall near Saks Fifth Avenue. Due to a quirky design, the restaurant has two entrances within a few feet of each other. While one is used as the main entrance and hostess line, the other is used by servers handling the tables located outside the restaurant’s physical space along the glass-partitioned wall.

We waited briefly in the main line, but our stroller was too wide to fit easily around the hostess stand and the other patrons. When we were seated we ended up going around through the second entrance to a table near the wall. Entering through a different opening is a minor issue, but the restaurant would have been more family-friendly if the walkways were just a bit larger to accommodate strollers.

Rather than using individual tables, the chain relies on large rectangular tables that can be arranged to seat both large parties and small groups. Thankfully the restaurant was not full and we were able to sit on the end of a table leaving enough room for both Arya’s stroller and a high chair. Seating would have been difficult if the place would have been packed as only certain spots could handle both a stroller and high chair.

Although Wagamama has a kid’s menu, Arya is at an in-between age where she is old enough to want to eat our food, but too young to be able to eat an entire kid’s menu item by herself. We settled on ordering two different items to let her try a little of each.

Not surprisingly (since baby loves to eat noodles), Arya liked eating the noodles from my seafood ramen dish. Since they were long and soft, she could hold food with both hands and control how much noodle she bit off with each bite. Oddly, she also enjoyed swinging the long pieces of noodle in the air like she was celebrating each bite with a victory cheer.

Noodles are a great food for a ten-month old baby since they are soft, flexible, and don’t present a choking hazard. Arya likes noodles enough that I would consider them her favorite food.

Reasonable prices, quick service, and a warm location inside Prudential Center make Wagamama a good choice for lunch with baby despite the crowded tables. As long as we can go during off-peak times, we will definitely be taking baby back to Wagamama again in the future.

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