Teaching Baby To Crawl – First Try at 5 Weeks

Teaching My Baby to Crawl 5 weeks
Teaching Baby To Crawl: 5 Weeks

Our family had fun last night with our first attempt at teaching our baby to crawl. Our daughter Arya is now 5 weeks old and while she is nowhere near old enough to actually crawl, she is now able to control her leg muscles.

Whereas she used to have rubbery knees that bent with any pressure, Arya can now use her thigh muscles to straighten her legs. In response to pressure on her feet when her legs are bent, Arya pushes back and straightens her legs.

When our baby has tummy time on the couch and someone provides consistent pressure against her feet, Arya can wiggle along like a little worm. Thankfully our family likes to laugh [see Why a Sense of Humor is Important] and we all enjoyed watching our worm-like baby squiggling across the couch.

I have no idea if our early attempt at teaching our baby to crawl will do anything to help her development. But since we all like watching Arya’s assisted crawling, we will have fun teaching her crawl more in the future.

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