Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews – Baby Book Review

Ten Black Dots by Donald CrewsMy 10-week old baby loves to look at contrasting patterns found in our ceiling or her favorite baby book.

So when I saw the front cover of Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews I knew she would enjoy this book as well.

The cover of Ten Black Dots has five different colors presented in a simple design.

The number 10 is written in two colors with the first digit in yellow and the second digit in orange. Embedded within the numerals are ten black dots. The title of the book is also in black with the author’s name in red. A red background frames all cover page elements.

The book is designed around the black dots. Within the 32 pages, all but four incorporate black dots into the visual design. Ten Black Dots starts with a single black dot — representing the sun or moon — and ends with ten black dots representing balloons in a tree.

Crews cleverly uses identical dots throughout. His method forces babies (and parents) to use the words and surrounding pictures of each page to identify the meaning of the dots. The same dots can be the eyes of a fox, portholes of a boat, or wheels of a train depending on context.

Adult readers are thus encouraged to explain the purpose of the dots to little babies. Much like with “>Black on White, this extra conversation is more meaningful than the text of the book itself.

Ten Black Dots costs $7.99 from most retailers. Given the cost of shipping, I wasn’t able to find any cheaper price for used copies of the book.