Two Month Visit to the Pediatrician

Two Month Visit to the PediatricianTwo month-old baby Arya had another visit to the pediatrician this afternoon. Her two month visit to the pediatrician was part of the standard well-baby check-up schedule.

Both my wife and I were eager to have Arya visit the doctor so that we could confirm changes in her weight, length, and head circumference since her last visit to the pediatrician. Although we had a general idea as to our baby’s vital statistics from at-home measurements, we wanted both the more formal data recorded at the doctor’s office and the chance to speak with Arya’s physician.

The good news was that Arya’s length was right at the 50th percentile and her head circumference improved significantly since her previous check-up so that she now falls in the 25th percentile based on the standard baby head circumference chart. The not as good news was that her weight increased faster over the past month so that she now lands in the 90th percentile for weight.

My baby’s current weight is not a medical concern and our pediatrician was quick to point out that Arya would likely slim down as soon as she is able to crawl. We have no intention of changing Arya’s diet as we are still firm believers in feeding-on-demand. Nonetheless, we are also concerned about our daughter’s long-term health and we want her to avoid the problems caused by being an obese baby.

Our pediatrician also noted that she understands our concern because Arya’s heft is even more unusual since the average weight-by-height for her parents likely falls around the 40th percentile. For now we won’t change anything about our baby’s feeding since our doctor is not worried and our baby will burn significantly more calories once she starts exercising.

During the two month visit to the pediatrician Arya also received vaccinations as part of the standard baby vaccination schedule. Five vaccines were given through two injections and one oral administration: diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis; haemophilus influenza type b; polio; pneumococcal conjugate; and rotavirus. My baby screamed during the two injections, but she actually enjoyed eating the oral vaccine.

We are supposed to keep a close eye on our baby during the first 48 hours following the vaccinations and be especially concerned about high temperature. Our pediatrician wrote a prescription for children’s Tylenol to use in the event Arya’s temperature as taken by rectal thermometer exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The next appointment with the pediatrician will come when our baby turns four months old. Other than being injected by large needles, Arya actually enjoys going to the doctor and likes squirming around on the table:

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