Uncomfortable Baby Clothes

Uncomfortable Baby Clothes - Crying BabyI had a frustrating afternoon yesterday with Arya.

Baby wouldn’t stop crying for over an hour. I ran through the list of usual reasons including: food, diaper, hot, cold, tired, bored, carry, talk, music, quiet, toy, dark, and burp.

Arya still wouldn’t stop crying. I finally discovered the reason by accident.

My daughter has multiple drawers full of baby clothes. Most are hand-me-downs from family members with some new outfits given as gifts by friends and family.

Uncomfortable Baby Clothes - HappyMy wife and I haven’t actually purchased any baby clothes so we haven’t spent much time analyzing the details of baby clothing. Since I am pretty clueless about clothing in general, I know far less than she does about aspects of the material my daughter wears.

Arya was happy most of the morning so her sudden crying fit came as a slight shock. As she had spent the entire day in the same outfit, it never occurred to me that something about her clothing might be causing her discomfort.

Eventually, after I had tried to feed her again to stop her crying, I accidentally discovered the problem. Baby didn’t want to eat so she slapped the bottle out of my hand. I dropped it and dribbled some milk on her pants.

Uncomfortable Baby Clothes - WaistbandAs I cleaned up the milk on her pants, I noticed that her top had become untucked.

I’m used to dressing Arya in standard onesies with a three button clasp design. This outfit had no buttons and no fasteners. Rather, it relies on a tight elastic waistband to stay in place. I had tucked the elastic waistband low on her hips and used the pants to hold it in place.

Over the course of the day the elastic waistband had gotten free from her pants. By the afternoon it was riding around her tummy. Arya was complaining because the tight elastic was digging into her (large) soft tummy.

Because the outfit is meant to be a little loose, the overlapping material on the front disguised the elastic waistband preventing me from noticing it riding high around my baby’s belly.

After a quick change of clothes Arya was back to normal.

Uncomfortable baby clothes would not rank high on my list of reasons to cry. I don’t blame Arya for being so upset. The elastic waistband was rather tight and it was pressed hard enough around her tummy to leave a slight mark.

We won’t be using that outfit any more and I’m going to actively avoid baby clothes with an elastic waistband rather than a button clasp. It’s hard enough for her to be a baby without having poorly designed clothes cutting into her skin.

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