Urban Babies Wear Black by Michelle Sinclair Colman – Book Review

Urban Babies Wear Black by Michelle Sinclair ColmanThe front cover of Urban Babies Wear Black by Michelle Sinclair Colman has a cute baby dressed like a bank robber in a black outfit.

With his green shades and blue pacifier the baby is an amusing image for adults and a colorful focal point for little readers.

Any time my daughter likes the illustration on the front cover of a book she likes the rest of the book as well.

Urban Babies Wear Black shows a diverse group of youngsters interacting in the urban environment of an unnamed, large city.

With cute illustrations of babies in unique settings the book gives parents the opportunity to use a different vocabulary than with most baby books. Arya had never heard the words “opera” or “latte” before I read this book to her.

Small details in the illustrations by Nathalie Dion provide additional opportunity for discussion. The babies don’t just do yoga. They are dressed in different outfits and reaching for pacifiers around their mommies’ necks while doing yoga. The baby hailing a cab does it from the comfort of an infant carrier while holding a small doll.

The text is a white font against a solid black background. The left-hand side of each page is reserved for a short line of text while full-color illustrations dominate the right-hand side.

There is no story. Rather, Sinclair Colman writes a single line of a few words per page describing each activity. The common theme is that each scene involves something unique to urban babies — like doing yoga — living in a city environment.

Michelle Sinclair Colman is the author of 10 children’s books in the Urban Babies Wear Black series. Sinclair Colman does not appear to have a personal website though she does keep a basic webpage for Urban Babies Wear Black and a blog with a few posts from 2010.

The illustrator, Nathalie Dion, keeps a French-language personal website with her portfolio and has additional information in English on the page managed by her agent.

Urban Babies Wear Black costs (including shipping) $6.95 new and $3.99 used from Amazon.