What Does Popo Mean?

What Does Popo MeanIn the United States “popo” can mean a slang for police officer.

However, Popo (婆婆) is also the Chinese word for grandmother.

Thus the term Popo is the default name for grandmother for Chinese-speaking households.

In the U.S., that definition would rarely be encountered outside of Chinese families except for its use in the book Lon Po Po by Ed Young. Lon Po Po won the 1990 Caledcott Medal as the best illustrated children’s book of the year and is a twist on the classic tale of Red Riding Hood.

Although popo can be used to mean the generic word “grandmother”, many families (particularly English-speaking ones) use the term to refer to one specific grandmother while using “grandma” to refer to the other one.

In the case of our family, Popo is everyone’s name for Arya’s maternal grandmother.