What to Pack in a Hospital Bag Before Giving Birth

Preparations for the birth of baby can be exciting, but time consuming. There is so much to do, from setting up a nursery, to choosing clothes, strollers, and all sorts of assorted paraphernalia. As the big day approaches, many expectant mothers are faced with the vexed question of what to pack in a hospital bag before giving birth. The onset of labor can be a dramatic moment, resulting in a mad dash to the hospital. A pre packed bag is crucial to getting out of the door quickly, and is a vital resource to any new mother.

The first thing to put in your hospital bag is some comfortable clothing for after you deliver your baby. A cotton nightgown or two and a robe can make you feel more at home, and are often more comfortable than a standard hospital gown. It is also important to take a few pairs of large size underwear. Vaginal tearing and bruising as well as episiotomies are common during childbirth and it is important to keep the vaginal area as comfortable as possible during recovery. It is also recommended that you pack some maxi pads. Vaginal bleeding and spotting is common for the first few days after delivery. Tampons are not advisable in this context due to the vaginal trauma experienced during delivery.

Nursing bras and vests are important items on the list of what to pack in a hospital bag before giving birth. These garments are designed with a shoulder clip that allows a mother to discreetly expose her breast to her nursing infant. Widely available in a large range of styles and colors, nursing bras and vests are a necessity for any nursing mother.

Pack some clothes for your newborn as well. Button down infant vests and one piece pajamas and sleeper suits are a good option. Many new mothers also like to pack a special outfit for their newborns for when they take them home. You should also pack a few newborn diapers. These are specially designed for newborns and make room for the umbilical stump which can take a couple of weeks to fall away. The hospital will usually be able to provide you with diapers, but it is a good idea to take your own – newborns are notoriously prolific in this regard. Also take a couple of swaddling cloths. Wrapping your baby in one gives them a sense of comfort and keeps them from rolling over in their sleep.

When compiling a list of what to pack in a hospital bag before giving birth, don’t forget your camera, batteries, and phone charger as well. This will save a lot of stress and hassle in the delivery room, and gives you the opportunity to capture every exciting moment of your child’s birth. It is also advisable to pack a few light snacks. Labor can be long and can often leave one hungry.

With the right preparations, you can be assured of a comfortable stay in the hospital as you get to know your newborn.