When Can Babies Track Objects

When Can Babies Track Objects
When Can Babies Track Objects?

The American Optometric Association — the national organization representing 36,000 optometrists — states that babies should track moving objects with their eyes by eight weeks old. Younger babies should be able to focus on a parent’s face 8 to 10 inches away.

The American Academy of Pediatrics concurs with the general timeline and notes that babies may be able to follow objects even while their vision remains blurry in the early months of life.

The timeline for my daughter has roughly followed the guidelines laid-out by the AOA. She moved her head in the general direction of sounds soon after birth. However, the picture above, taken at six days old, shows that she had trouble focusing on specific objects like her daddy’s camera.

By the time my baby reached one month, she was able to follow moving objects with her eyes so long as they were within a foot of her face. The video below, taken at 33 days old, shows my daughter tracking the camera and focusing on her mommy’s face for 10 seconds until she gets bored. Since she seemed to rely on both visual and verbal cues, it’s not clear whether this would really count as tracking objects.

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