When to Send Birth Announcements

When to Send Birth AnnouncementsWhen to send birth announcements?

Birth announcements should be sent as soon as possible after the birth of your child and no later than six months following birth. While most resources agree with the six month time limit, some authors stipulate a three month deadline for sending birth announcements.

Birth announcements traditionally include the following information:

A welcome message
Baby’s full name
Date of birth

Birth announcements generally do not include any mention of a gift registry or details of labor and delivery. Most etiquette guides state that hand-written personal notes are optional and may not be advisable given the stress of having a new baby.

My wife and I have started to send out our birth announcements combined with thank you cards, but the process is taking a lot longer than we expected. While some cards can be hand-delivered to friends or family, we have to mail the bulk of our birth announcements. Getting addresses for people — even close friends and family members — is far more difficult than we anticipated.

Since we communicate with everyone primarily through email or texting (with the occasional phone call or face-to-face conversation), we have had to collect physical mailing addresses from everyone on our list. Our parents have most addresses for family members, but for our friends my wife and I have had to email/text/call people to ask for their address. We would have saved a lot of time if we had started the process of organizing the information needed for birth announcements much sooner.

Thankfully, since the answer to the question — when to send birth announcements — is within six months, we still have some time remaining. For the next child we now have a better system for organizing the list of birth announcement recipients.

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