When Will My Baby Stand Unassisted

When Will My Baby Stand UnassistedArya has been standing against objects for nearly a month and cruising for several weeks.

In recent days she has gotten so good at balancing that I have been wondering: when will my baby stand unassisted?

She barely uses support and seems to rely on objects as an unnecessary crutch.

Time passed quickly from when mommy and I were questioning when baby would stand assisted. It’s only been a few weeks since we learned about baby cruising on furniture. But Arya became obsessed with standing over the past month and has practiced standing up and cruising around for the entire day, every day.

Arya loves standing up so much that we have started changing baby’s diaper while she is standing up.

Her practice has paid off. With improved balance and better gross motor control, Arya can now stand in place with only loose support from one hand. When she uses mommy or me for balance, she trusts us enough that we can use a single finger to provide stability as she balances own her own.

A baby standing without support is a not considered a major developmental milestone. While cruising is always included, even articles [pdf in new window] on baby motor development do not mention a baby standing unassisted. The American Academy of Pediatrics notes that it may only take a few days from babies to progress from standing on their own to full-fledged walking.

Since standing unassisted is not considered an important event, parenting resources provide a large range for the first age when babies should stand on their own. Most references agree with very old academic studies indicating a range for the age of “normal” motor development of between 6 to 15 months with the majority of babies learning how to stand and walk between 9 and 12 months.

As long as Arya stands on her own by the time she is one-year old we won’t be concerned. Our pediatrician wouldn’t necessarily get involved even if she takes up to 14-months to stand unassisted.

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