White Baby Headband

White Baby HeadbandArya now tolerates her white baby headband.

My baby doesn’t like hats, but she is okay with having a specific type of headband on her head.

The light chiffon headband avoids two problems my baby has with hats: the headband doesn’t block her vision and the headband doesn’t weigh down her head.

Since Popo is back in Boston for a short visit, both Mommy and Popo are having fun dressing Arya up every time she leaves the house. Each outfit must be accessorized with a matching hat or headband.

White Baby Headband - AdjustingEven I will admit that Arya looks very cute with the chiffon headbands. She is particularly pretty when she wears a white dress with the white headband.

Of course a headband doesn’t serve any purpose. Whereas a hat protects my baby from the sun or keeps her warm in the cold, the headband just sits around her forehead.

In addition, Arya likes to move her head back and forth and the headband often gets crooked or falls off. The headband didn’t even last a minute while we were setting up for a nice picture. Mommy had to perform a last minute adjustment to make sure the headband was on straight before picture time.

So for cosmetic purposes, Arya’s cute white baby headband is well worth its price of $2.66. While I’m too impatient to readjust the headband dozens of times during the day while we are outside, I do like the fact that my daughter looks pretty cute in pictures with her white headband.

White Baby Headband - Mommy and Grandma

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