Wind Chill Chart

Windchill ChartWith the weather dropping to single digits this week I was worried about whether it would be safe to take Arya outdoors.

Even with her bundled up in multiple layers the temperature was cold enough to make me worry.

After looking up the official National Weather Service Wind Chill Chart I was relieved at how cold it would have to get before going outside with baby would be dangerous.

The National Weather Service provides the wind chill chart to approximate the actual temperature after accounting for the effect of wind. Wind chill is expressed as a temperature as a way to provide an equivalent measurement for weather with and without wind.

While the wind chill chart does not provide information about the danger of taking a baby outside in the cold. I still don’t know how to identify is Arya is cold (see how can I tell if my baby is cold). But using a wind chill chart allows me to estimate when it is too cold for my little girl.

Adjusted temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit are considered to be a concern for babies. Adjusted temperatures below 10 degrees Fahrenheit are considered to be dangerous for babies.

Because they are substantially more sensitive to cold weather than adults, babies should not be taken outside even if the wind chill chart shows a more than 30 minute exposure time to frostbite. Since we (and most parents) use a stroller with a wind shield, some of the effects of wind chill are negated for babies in their strollers.

The wind chill chart still provides a good visualization of the effect of wind on cold weather. As an easy rule of thumb, as long as the temperature is below 30 degrees Fahrenheit we will be very hesitant to take Arya outdoors for more than a few minutes.

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