With Us on the Earth and Sea by Eric Carle – Book Review

With Us on the Earth and Sea by Eric CarleAfter our family visit to the Eric Carle Museum, I’ve become interested in reading all of his books to my daughter.

With Us, on the Earth and Sea by Eric Carle is an obscure book that is out of print and does not even appear on the official Eric Carle bibliography.

The front cover, which shows seven miniature, full-page illustrations, gives a good preview of the book.

Carle books are generally renowned for the combination of a memorable story and fascinating illustrations. With Us, on the Earth and Sea, is unlike any of the previous Eric Carle books I have read to Arya.

The book has no coherent story. Pictures appear to be placed randomly throughout the book. Accompanying text describes the images, but have no relationship with each other or to a larger plot. The drawings appear to be taken from other Carle works and inserted randomly into With Us, on the Earth and Sea.

Although the book displays a 1986 copyright, it is absent from Carle bibliographies and impossible to find (even used copies) from online retailers. The only mention of the book occurs in links from the children’s sections of libraries.

Like other Carle books the illustrations are colorful and detailed. Since Arya isn’t old enough to fully understand a story or care about continuity, she seemed interested in all of the pictures throughout the book. So for young toddlers and babies, With Us, on the Earth and Sea would make for a decent addition to a large home library of children’s books. But for older children and adult readers, there are many better options for Carle books.

With Us, on the Earth and Sea is out of print and not available from any major online retailer.