World Oceans Day at New England Aquarium with Baby

World Oceans Day at New England Aqurium with BabyOn Sunday the New England Aquarium celebrated World Oceans Day with a special outdoor event. Mommy and I took baby Arya to the Central Wharf to view the attractions.

The United Nations General Assembly actually recognizes World Oceans Day on June 8 each year. World Oceans Day is designed to educate the general public about the oceans and publicize activities benefiting the marine environment.

The New England Aquarium used the weekend before World Oceans Day to host a special event. The day was designed primarily for older children with most activities best suited for elementary-school age kids.

World Oceans Day at New England Aquarium with BabyMy wife and I have learned that our young baby loves going to events focused on older children. Even if she can’t talk or run around, Arya relishes the energy and excitement of children-centered venues. We both enjoy taking baby to activities to expose her to new experiences and talk to her about different topics.

Because of the publicity surrounding the event, World Oceans Day at the New England Aquarium was underwhelming. The exhibits were located in a large white tent overlooking the water on the backside of the aquarium. The tent had no signage or color.

In front of the tent were small booths organized by corporate sponsors. The sponsors’ booths were bright and colorful and all had the name of the sponsoring company prominently displayed on all sides.

World Oceans Day at New England Aquarium with BabyThe exhibits inside the tent were also disappointing. The aquarium advertises itself as one of the global leaders in ocean exploration and marine conservation and is considered one of the premiere tourist attractions in the city.

All of that might be true, but the interior of the World Oceans Day tent looked like a high school science fair. Dozens of exhibitors lined flimsy tables with posters and hand-printed signs. The tent was far too small for the number of exhibitors and visitors. Pushing our stroller around was so difficult that eventually I carried Arya around while Mommy waited near chairs far in the corner.

Despite lackluster presentation, the exhibitors were terrific. Most were volunteering their weekend to teach children about specific topics. Arya really liked the colorful fishing nets and pictures of marine life. I enjoyed the display of the Charles River and visual assortment of insects populating the Boston Harbor Islands National Park.

World Oceans Day at New England Aquarium with BabyWe were planning to stay for cooking demonstrations and live performances. However with the dreary, windy weather we decided to leave early.

I’m a little bummed with missed the cooking demonstrations, but we all had fun during the time we spent with the exhibits in the main tent. Our daughter loved watching all the excited kids and she was happy enough to babble while staring at the posters of fish.

Mommy and I can’t wait to bring Arya back to the aquarium when she gets a little older. By next year’s World Oceans Day event baby might be old enough to toddle around and view the exhibits on her own.

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