Yellow Dress For Baby

Yellow Dress For BabyThanks to generous friends and family who like to shop for baby clothes, Arya has a variety of different outfits.

This week was the first time we picked out a yellow dress for baby. Since most of her baby clothes are pink or red, the dress is one of her only yellow outfits.

I was surprised to discover that we already had matching yellow socks and a matching yellow headband. Since socks and headbands are sold in variety packs Arya already has both in every basic color.

Her yellow dress was nice on its own, but I thought she looked particularly cute with a full, matching, yellow outfit.

Baby girl dresses come in a wide array of colors and styles. Arya’s yellow dress is long enough so that she doesn’t need to wear pants under it, but short enough that she can still sit down and stand up without getting her feet tangled. The shade of yellow is more muted than some of the flashier baby designs and makes it easy to match with baby accessories.

Wearing a dress also makes it much easier to change her diaper. When baby has pants on, changing a diaper means struggling to remove the pants, getting socks caught in the pant legs, and having to fight to put the pants back on afterwards. A loose-fitting dress allows us to simply unbutton the onesie and change the diaper without needing to take off the dress.

Arya’s yellow dress also has other benefits. She likes playing with the flower on the front of the dress. Although she grabs it, tugs on it, and occasionally tries to eat it, the flower is fastened securely enough to withstand her attention. Having one more periodic distraction for baby is especially helpful during lunch since it allows both Mommy and Daddy to eat.

Baby’s yellow dress is too thin for her to wear by itself during cold months. By having Arya wear a long-sleeve, white onesie as the bottom layer and the yellow dress as the top layer, she is comfortable indoors with air conditioning. For outdoor temperatures we use an additional heavy jacket and two layers of blankets in her stroller.

She will have many pretty outfits in the future, but for now the yellow dress for baby remains one of my favorites.

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